The picture to the left shows one of Olav's great grandchildren carrying on his tradition of also farming the sea. His grandchildren and their children enjoy themselves each autumn during the lobster season, catching some of these beautiful crustaceans.
The picture to the left shows a part of the island archipelago between Lillesand and Kristiansand. The area is famous for its narrow and picturesaque sounde here represented by the Lillesand Lighthouse.
Olav Skuggevik's direct descendents are Oluf, Marit, Jon ("Dippi") & Mona, Ingrid & Stein, Kirsti & Leif, Bjrnar, Margrethe, Tove & Joe, Erik, Hans & Stine, Henrik, Caroline, Heidi - continued below
"We're all going on summer holiday" sings Cliff Richard. And yes each summer we long to get back to Skuggevik to meet the rest of the family, laze in the sun, swim in natural coves and inlets, fish crabs and basically relax and charge the batteries for the coming winter.

Asbjrn & Turid, Runar & Hege, Tord, Jonas, Ketil, Amalie, Jarle & Sissel, Fredrik, Ingunn, Anna og Oda, Olav & Hilde, Henriette, Sunniva, Knut & Kari, Jon, Anne Lise, ystein & Gunvor, Rolf & Marie

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